"Performance is the act of willing the entirety of your existence to arrive at one, single, present moment, and then allowing yourself to share that with the world."  

Hometown:  Sonoma, CA

First Role in a Show:  Munchkin in Wizard of Oz, Age 6

Favorite Role in a Show: Peter Pan (because FLYING)

Degree: BFA Musical Theater from The Boston Conservatory

Favorite Color: Turquoise 

Favorite Food: Mac & Cheese

​Favorite Beverage: Chardonnay or Zinfandel (depending on the weather)

Favorite Book: Harry Potter

Favorite Recording Artist: Beyonce

Favorite Actor: All of the Dames and Sirs, and Meryl Streep

​Favorite Comedian: Robin Williams

Favorite Classic Movie Musical: Singin' in the Rain and/or White Christmas

Favorite Place in NYC:  Hunters Point Park in Long Island City

Coolest thing I've ever done:  Gone scuba diving with sharks

Fun Fact:  Obsessed with sparkly things

Fun Family Fact: Grandmother, Harriet Burns, was the first female Imagineer to work for Walt Disney.  

Favorite way to pass the time:  FaceTiming with my hysterical and adorable toddler of a niece

Other Hobbies:  Painting, horse-back riding, and hiking



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*Photos above, listed left to right (top to bottom if on Mobile Site):

  1. Sweet Charity, August 2012, photo courtesy of Summer Repertory Theater, Santa Rosa, CA
  2. Xanadu, July 2012, photo courtesy of Summer Repertory Theater, Santa Rosa, CA
  3. Jesus Christ Superstar, October 2012, photo courtesy of The Boston Conservatory, Boston, MA
  4. Haley Clair singing in her recital for Mary Saunders voice studio, November 2012, The Boston Conservatory, Boston MA

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